UHMS supports Hyperbaric Awareness movement

CutisCare officially announced Hyperbaric Aware Tuesday, May 4. Its aim: To promote a greater understanding of hyperbaric medicine.

Hyperbaric Awareness USA and the Hyperbaric Aware campaign aim to spread national, statewide and local awareness to benefit the people suffering from radiation injury, chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, arterial insufficiencies and more. The Hyperbaric Aware website, in collaboration with the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) and physician leaders, will share articles, latest research, and expert insight for physicians, patients, and the general public.

Join us as we raise awareness for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There is an opportunity for you to donate to support Hyperbaric Research as well as a T-shirt fundraiser with proceeds to support UHMS research.

For more information see the press release at:


See the website at:


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