UHMS Seeks New Director of Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation Program

After 16 years of dedicated service, Tom Workman, the current accreditation program director, has announced his intention to retire from the UHMS effective January 1, 2018. While he will be missed, his retirement creates an exciting opportunity for a replacement to take the foundation that he created and raise the program to an even higher level. Timing is right, as the entire accreditation process is in transition – a revised manual is in the works, dedicated software to manage various aspects the accreditation program is under development and the geometric growth predicted in the early days is now happening. There is no better way to have an impact on these changes than to be directly involved as they occur.

What will the position offer the new director? Too much to describe in this short announcement, but if you are looking for the opportunity to get directly involved in all aspects of hyperbaric medicine, this might be the right fit for the right person. The director will be engaged with organizations that span our field: the Joint Commission, Det Norske Veritas, the National Board of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the National Fire Protection Association, the Baromedical Nurses Association, International Certifications and various federal, state and local organizations that have an impact on our community. The new director will have the honor of getting to know some of the brightest minds in medicine and work directly with a growing pool of the most talented doctors, nurses and technologist in hyperbaric medicine who unselfishly serve as accreditation program surveyors – all of this while serving as an instrument to improve the quality of care and patient safety in hyperbaric facilities across the country.

Primary requirements for the position are a bachelor’s degree or higher; previous health care management experience; hypo/hyperbaric technology experience; knowledge of industry codes and standards; and ever-present computer literacy. A detailed job description will be posted on the UHMS website at http://www.uhms.org, so if you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, do not hesitate to review it. For additional details, please contact John Peters, UHMS Executive Director at jpeters@uhms.org or by calling 877-533-8467, ext 100.

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