UHMS Members featured in local news story about hyperbaric treatment

UHMS members Dr. Marc Robins and Associate Annette Gwilliam of Intermountain’s Utah Valley Hospital were featured in a local new story on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The news feature profiled success stories from Eric Anderson and Barbara Allen, both patients of Dr. Robins, who received HBO2 therapy and demonstrated measurable healing. Both were happy to talk about their experiences.

KSL-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station located in Salt Lake City, Utah, ran the story, oddly referring to HBO2 therapy as a ‘bygone’ technology that has regained new life.

UHMS members know hyperbaric oxygen therapy is alive and well. The broadcast does end with the statement that HBO2 is approved for 14 illnesses. So, not so bygone after all.

For the story and to see Marc and Annette on camera, see:


The Hyperbaric Medicine Department is a UHMS-accredited facility with distinction, the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Joint Commission-accredited and the Intermountain group a UHMS Corporate Partner.



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