Month: March 2016

UHMS Call for abstracts deadline extended

THE CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society’s 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting has been extended to Friday, April 1, midnight Eastern Time.


Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada










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UHMS is gearing up for the 2016 ASM

I am excited to tell you about the upcoming 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting: It’s at the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9-11, 2016.

While the conference is not until June, it is important to remember that abstracts are due on March 27, and award nominations are due by April 15.  Get more information on the UHMS website

We have some great precourses and postcourses this year. We will have our annual pre- and postcourses dealing with accreditation by Tom Workman. In addition, we have two fantastic precourses being held on Wednesday, June 8.

Our hyperbaric precourse will be “Hyperbaric Medicine Skills and Emergency Management” led by Dr. Enoch Huang and Dr. Sandra Wainwright. This will include lectures and demonstrations of hyperbaric-related emergency scenarios and procedures. It will include hands-on simulations of infrequently performed emergency procedures as well as peer-reviewed management of emergency hyperbaric scenarios.
The diving precourse will be “Harvesting and Aquaculture Divers Safety (HADS) Workshop” led by Dr. Neal Pollock and co-sponsored by DAN. This one-day workshop will promote understanding, education and safety within and concerning the worldwide harvesting and aquaculture diving community. Presentations will consider history, range of practice, operational guidance, accident patterns, clinical management, ongoing and emerging risks, and mitigation strategies.
We have some spectacular keynote speakers this year.  Dr. Richard Moon, the Lambertsen Lecture speaker, will be presenting “Investigations into Living and Working under the Water: Where Have We Been and Where Do We Need to Go?”  Dr. Michael Bennett, the Kindwall Lecture speaker, will be presenting “Medicine or Marketing? What We Need to Do to Survive in the 21st Century.”

We have multiple plenary sessions, with some great topics and speakers lined up.  We will have an extended plenary called “Access to Emergent Hyperbaric Therapy in the United States” which features two speakers: Dr. James Chimiak from DAN and Walter Chin, Past PacUHMS President from UCLA.

Dr. Folke Lind, our current Vice President, will lead a panel discussion on “International Perspectives on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.”  Dr. Richard Baynosa, PacUHMS President and Chief of Plastic Surgery at UNLV, will present on “Flaps, Grafts, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.”  Dr. Simon Mitchell will be speaking on “Guidelines for Prehospital Management of Diving Injuries.”

Dr. Enoch Huang, our current President-Elect will present “Understanding Hyperbaric Dosing.”  Dr. Enrico Camporesi, our new UHM Journal editor, will speak on “The History and Evolution of UHMS Journals and Publications.”  We will have an optional noon plenary by Drs. Caroline Fife, Helen Gelly, and Marc Robins on “The Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, the National Hyperbaric Registry and the Future of US HBOT Reimbursement.”

The final plenary will but the very popular “New Pearls of Wisdom in the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Literature.” Two current UHM Fellows to present a summary of the most valuable articles in the field from the last several years. Brad Hickey (LSU) and Peter Ceponis (Duke/IMC) will be the presenters this year.

In addition, Valerie Short, Matt Schweyer and Kip Posey will be organizing the Associates (Non-Physician Track) Break-Out Session scheduled for June 9.  This should be a great program as well. They will be sending out information about that program soon.

I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas.  Start working on your abstracts, and register soon at

Dr. Jim Holm, President, UHMS


The UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting’s primary goal is to provide a forum for professional scientific growth and development of the participants to improve knowledge and competence in order to further patient outcome. The meeting provides a basis for exchange of ideas, both scientific and practical, among physicians, researchers, and other health professionals. The UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting consists of abstract and poster presentations, plenary sessions, the annual Kindwall and Lambertsen Lectures, and other social events. There will be exhibits from a number of hyperbaric, diving and wound care vendors. The Annual Meeting also affords an opportunity for participants to meet and interact with past and present leaders of the Society and to become active in Society affairs.