UHM author fees are now suspended for all submissions

UHM 38-3 OFC-tsp.inddThe Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society announces a change in its policy on fees for papers submitted to the Journal. Effective immediately, authors whose original papers are accepted for publication in the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal can now publish for no fee.

“We feel this is a positive move for the Society and its membership,” said Executive Director John Peters. “This should pose no financial barriers to entry, but we ask for the same high quality of papers that UHMS members have enjoyed through the years.”

In the past, UHMS has asked for a flat fee of $250 for all published papers, with an extra $30 per page for color illustrations. Papers currently in process – i.e., papers scheduled for publication in the November-December 2014 issue and onward  – will have no fees. UHMS has historically granted a waiver on fees upon request.

Author guidelines are being revised to include this change and will be posted on the UHMS website (www.uhms.org) and the UHMS blog (https://uhmsblog.wordpress.com).

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll see in the UHM Journal.


To meet its responsibilities to its readers and to the public at large, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal strives to provide unbiased scientific information and fair analyses through its publication of the following types of papers.

  1. Research Reports: Results of experimental, theoretical and clinical investigations on topics important to the understanding of undersea, submarine and hyperbaric medicine. Short reports that make a substantial scientific contribution as well as extensive studies will be considered.
  1. Clinical communications and clinical case reports: Observations of an exceptionally revealing nature.
  1. Review articles: May cover scientific and practical subjects and may express personal opinions of the author.
  1. Current issues: Well-reasoned essays on topics of interest to the journal’s readers; may draw on new or published experimental data and may be controversial in nature.
  1. Technical communications: Descriptions of new methods or equipment; must include data to support contentions.
  1. Proceedings of symposiums or workshops: Usually a group of short communications that have the flavor of reviews.
  1. Letters to the editor: Discussion of scientific papers that have appeared in the journal or scientific issues of interest to the journal’s readers; should include an informative title and be as short as possible. References may be used if necessary, but tables and figures are discouraged.

Please direct questions to Renée Duncan, UHM Managing Editor, at renee@uhms.org.

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